What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding comes from two words namely “Crowd” (People) and “Funding” (financing). Therefore, the combination of these two words means “funding through the crowd”. Digievo helps you whether it’s Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, and private entities that need help raising funds through the CROWDFUNDING method.

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Are you facing the following problems?

Human resources limited

Manually run requires a lot of manpower to get funds from the public.

Skeptical view

Incidents that happen in the community such as cheating, being cheated cause the community to be suspicious and skeptical about donating activities. In addition, accused of being a scammer syndicate and so on.

not profitable

The energy and time spent on fundraising is not commensurate with the contributions received. Requires a lot of cost.

This involves

Wider Network

Akses kepada khalayak yang raAccess to a large audiencemai


Use social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Online transactions

Donations only happen online without having to collect manually

Let's Change Now!

Why should you switch to Crowdfunding System?​


Make it easy for donors to donate anytime and anywhere using only online transactions

Focused Campaigns

The campaign is focused on the target group and according to the suitability of the project

Social networks

Grow a social network & connect with more generous donors

Various devices

An online platform that can be navigated from multiple devices, simplifying the collection process

Adakah Anda Perlu bertukar kepada Sistem Crowdfunding?

Let's Change Now!


Memudahkan penderma untuk menderma pada bila-bila masa dan di mana sahaja dengan hanya menggunakan transaksi dalam talian


Platform dalam talian yang boleh dilayari daripada berbilang peranti, memudahkan proses pengumpulan


Kembangkan rangkaian sosial & berhubung dengan penderma yang lebih murah hati


Kempen ini tertumpu kepada kumpulan sasaran dan mengikut kesesuaian projek
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